PARK 720Frequently Asked Questions

For quick reference and fast answers, here is a list of the questions that Park 720 Vehicle Storage
customers most frequently ask. The links in the answers will take you to additional information.


To request a space, or learn more about how Park 720 protects our customers’ investments, contact Park 720, or call (239) 573-9990.

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Do you have any good resources for RV owners?

Yes! TripBuzz has an excellent guide chocked full of RVing resources:

The Ultimate Guide to RVing Resources

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Does Park 720 have to follow any of the city’s parking regulations?

No. Your RV, boat or vehicle is safe from parking tickets.

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Can I park my RV or motor home in my driveway or the lot next door to me?

No. The City of Cape Coral strictly enforces parking regulations that say recreational vehicles must be parked in garages or under carports.

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What are the advantages of parking my boat at Park 720?

Park 720 provides the same benefits and conveniences to boat owners, including code compliance. The city of Cape Coral prohibits parking a boat anywhere in a residential area except the rear yard of your home.

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The advantages of parking my commercial vehicles at Park 720?

Here are the top reasons that business and commercial customers use Park 720:

Out of sight: Park 720 is built like a fortress, surrounded by a 15-foot wall with roll-down, solid-steel doors. Nothing inside can be seen from the outside, a major benefit if your work vehicles carry tools or equipment.

Security: Multiple security features that include controlled access and 24 security cameras make Park 720 a safer alternative to parking lots and chain-link fence enclosures.

Code compliance: The City of Cape Coral prohibits parking a business or commercial vehicle, or and any vehicle with wording on it including a car or pickup, in a residential area.

Lower-cost alternative: Many businesses that can be run from an office but need parking for commercial vehicles have been able to downsize, sublet space from another business or move to a home-based office by using Park 720 as a less expensive alternative to paying commercial rents.

Convenience: Take the vehicle out and bring it back as often as you like.

Easy lease: Rent space month-to-month or pre-pay for a year.

Wide aisles for easy turning: Park 720 easily accommodates vehicles up to 50 feet long.

Great Location: Park 720 is located on Pine Island road, a major Cape Coral thoroughfare which offers easy access to Interstate 75.  The facility is also located in close proximity to the city of Fort Myers.

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Yes, we welcome commercial vehicles.

Yes, we welcome commercial vehicles.

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I’m a former customer, can I use the dump station and wash down area?

No. The dump station and wash down area are conveniences reserved for current customers only.

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Do you have a wash down area?

Yes. Park 720 also has a free dump station.

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Do you have a dump station?

Yes. Park 720’s dump station is free of charge and for the exclusive use of our customers.

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Can I do maintenance or restoration work on my vehicle or boat?

No. Park 720 is a storage-only facility.

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Can I store personal items and household goods?

No. Park 720 is reserved exclusively for vehicles, boats and trailers in working order. We are very happy to help customers locate self-storage facilities for other storage needs.

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Can I use one storage space for two items?

Yes. Garages and carports are up to 50 feet deep, so some of our customers get twice the use out of a single space. Double-duty combos might include a fifth wheel and Jet Ski, travel trailer and SUV, motor home and ATV, or fifth wheel and tow dolly or car carrier.

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Is 30-amp electrical service available?

Yes. Service is individually metered. Customers are billed quarterly and only for power used. A $50 deposit is required. Spaces with 30-amp electrical service are popular, so we encourage early reservations.

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What about pest control?

Pest control is done on regular basis with additional attention in between to individual areas if needed. Unlike grass, gravel, or dirt lots, Park 720’s asphalt surface is an unfriendly place for bugs and not a breeding ground for unwanted pests.

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How clean is Park 720 and the storage units?

ULTRA-clean. Cleaning, sweeping, grooming and site maintenance are done daily. Park 720 is entirely paved, which means no mud, less dust and fewer concerns about unwanted pests. Vehicles and boats stay cleaner, both inside and out.

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Is Park 720 paved?

Yes. Park 720 is entirely paved with high-quality asphalt. Your boat or vehicle is never exposed to mud, weeds, gravel or dirt. The hard surface means no risk of shifting or sinking.

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What about storms and hurricanes?

Park 720 is hurricane resistant. Structures have steel framing, steel wall panels, and standing-seam steel roofing and built to withstand winds up to 130 mph. We are 15 miles from the Gulf of Mexico with an elevation of 16 feet and superior drainage. The 15-foot steel wall that encloses the facility also reduces risk of damage from wind and flying debris. Nothing in our care at Park 720 has ever been damaged from a storm or hurricane.

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How is Park 720 staffed?

Our fulltime manager is at Park 720 six days a week, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Staff on site means additional security for your vehicle or boat and exceptional customer service.

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Do you require a lease?

Yes, Month-to-Month.

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What are Park 720 rates?

Rates are based on the size and type of storage space chosen. We charge monthly rates for short-term storage. We offer seasonal and annual leases. (call manager for details)

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How is security maintained?

Multiple security features make Park 720 a safer place for your vehicle, boat or trailer:

  • Enclosed and surrounded by a 15-foot steel wall
  • Vehicles and boats not visible from the road
  • 24 video cameras, activity recorded 24 hours a day
  • Recordings on file for 28 days
  • Two in-office monitors for real-time observation
  • Two entrances only
  • Two video cameras at each entrance
  • Entrances secured by steel, roll-down doors
  • Entry/exit requires keypad code
  • Personal keypad code/PIN number provided to every customer
  • Controlled access from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight
  • Access restricted from 12 midnight to 6 a.m. for additional protection
  • Former customers’ keypad codes/PIN numbers deactivated at checkout
  • DigiGate computer system logs gate activities, the keypad code number used, time in and time out
  • Halogen lighting throughout
  • Manager on site Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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What protection does Park 720 provide for boats and vehicles?

A 15-foot-high wall, a solid metal barrier, surrounds the entire 14-acre facility. Unlike lots behind chain-link fences, nothing inside Park 720 can be seen from the outside.

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What is the maximum clearance?

Maximum height: 13 feet, 9 inches

Maximum width: 12 feet

Note: When calculating clearance, remember to include things like antennas, mirrors, fly bridge of a boat and added height of anything mounted on a trailer.

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Do you offer more than one type of storage?

Yes. Park 720 offers three types of storage:

Enclosed Garage: Private with roll-down steel door, 14 feet wide and up to 52 feet deep, most often used for motor home and motor coach storage.

Covered Carport: Continuous carport design, 12.ft wide and up to 50.ft deep, popular choice for fifth wheels, travel trailers, boat trailers and campers.

Outdoor Storage: Open parking, most economical storage available

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What does Park720 store?

We store anything on wheels that’s roadworthy and within height and width limits:

  • Motor Coaches
  •  Motor Homes
  • Fifth Wheels
  • Travel Trailers
  • Boats on Trailers
  • Vans
  • Mini-Vans
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Autos
  • Classic Cars
  • Antique Cars
  • Vintage Cars
  • Commerical Vehicles